Chet's Last Call

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Chet's Last Call

"Everybody's Got Their Style"
"Summer of Ska"
"Buses, Boats. Plabes, Trains & Taxis"
"Get Us Out"
"Dance With Me Darlin"
"Hat When You're Not"
"On The Dance Floor"
"Papa Don't Put Too Much Pepper"
"Version Style"

First new album in 13 years all new all original

Here is what the reviews are saying

"Legendary Boston ska-rockers Bim Skala Bim earned a justified national reputation in the '80s and '90s. They're now back with an unexpected but brilliant new album that is as joyous as anything they've done before. Fast-driving, horn-stoked tempos merge with eccentric, ever-playful lyrics to put the listener in a blissful trance. Bim also proves that the Mighty Mighty Bosstones aren't the only Boston ska faves to continue a vital legacy." -- STEVE MORSE, former staff critic at the Boston Globe for 30 years who now teaches a Rock History course at Berklee College of Music

"After more than twenty some years together to call Bim Skala Bim a Ska Band is not really getting the whole picture, and Chet's Last Call is the proof. Their songs draw more from American sources than either Jamaican or European. One can distinctly hear influences from all the great "music cities": New Orleans, Chicago, Nashville, LA, even NYC. From the quality of the songs and the performers to the care taken in the studio - Bim is more than a Great Ska Band, it is a Great Band." Victor Rice